Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 6 August 2021

Why the well-informed young say No to the jab

ABOUT a third of those aged 18-29 in England are shunning the Covid vaccine, despite massive inducements. It’s interesting to speculate on why this is.

The Government is pressuring them into taking the jab through exaggerated claims about its safety and effectiveness; through accusations that they are selfish to refuse it; through pop-up clinics at football stadiums, circuses and music festivals, sometimes offering free food, and through threats that their hesitation will make vaccine passports and a return to lockdown more likely.

I don’t believe the main reason so many young people are hesitating is selfishness. It is that they are better able to find their way past the wishful thinking about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness propagated by the NHS, by our sadly subservient mainstream media and by manufacturers such as Pfizer, whose latest forecast predicts sales of $33.5billion (£24billion) for its Covid vaccine.

Young people are much more likely than the middle-aged and elderly to access information from sources independent of Big Pharma and of organisations such as the Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation which make millions through investments in companies benefiting from medical research and treatments.

So they are more likely to know these facts:

That the product is experimental, and that reports of deaths and injuries in the wake of vaccination are through the roof compared with any other widely used jab.

That these deaths and injuries may well be caused by the vaccine, since it provokes our cells into producing a toxic protein that does not stay at the injection site, but travels throughout the body and may lie behind adverse events and deaths involving heart and blood vessel abnormalities reported throughout Europe.

That young men especially are at risk of vaccine-induced myocarditis – inflammation of the heart – an adverse reaction that safety trials failed to identify.

That nearly 400 children in the US aged 12-17 suffered this reaction in the seven months to July 16 after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, according to a study just published by the US Centers for Disease Control.

That the elderly and people with prior exposure to the Covid virus – both potentially more vulnerable to harm from the jab – were excluded in most of the clinical trials.

That UK weekly care home deaths tripled in the two weeks of January 8-22, when there was a massive increase in Covid jabs, and that there are numerous similar reports from around the world.

That when young people are infected by the virus, the vast majority mount a natural immune response that gives lasting protection.

That we do not know whether the vaccine provides long-lasting protection, or whether the risks associated with it will have to be undergone repeatedly through booster shots (see here and here).

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