Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 2 August 2021

‘Filthy, Disgusting And Selfish’

When New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Worboys raged last week about perceived filthy, disgusting and selfish people among the population of Australia, the only thing that was missing from the scripted, theatrical performance was a mirror.

The same can be said for New South Wales Police Minister, David Elliott, who described government dissenters as ‘very selfish boofheads.’ The word boofhead is defined by Collin’s Dictionary as ‘a very stupid person’ or ‘a person or animal with a large head’. Both definitions can be applied to Elliott. Reading his lines carefully last week as he sported what looked like a cement block on his shoulders, little doubt was left in the minds of anyone who had ever questioned Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychological projection.

Australians at this stage are more than familiar with the outbursts of this mentally unstable sociopath. A former member of the murderous Australian Defence Force, Elliott has consistently displayed the traits required for one to be initiated in the cesspit that is Australian politics. A certifiable lunatic, he once threatened to rip someone’s head off on a Father’s social media group page and promised to ‘shit in the hole’. In line with the perverse nature of the Masonic Australian establishment, he has also openly spoken of his wishes to have his very own underage children strip-searched by the police and was arrested in 2019 when he manhandled a 17-year-old boy, after chasing him through backstreets. This deeply disturbed maniac is better suited to a room with padded walls than a government office.

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