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Dream job: how to begin your journey when you study at school

It’s possible to get a job that’s perfect for you and that pays well if you find your career choice and start doing what you love without delaying until you graduate. Here’s how to get started on your path to your dream job.


Choose the field and the conditions


First, you need to understand the ideal job for you, what it is and what it involves, and then choose a specific profession.                                                                                                                            

First step. Find out your interests and aptitudes, understand what you are interested in and good at. If some business attracts you, but the relevant skills are not yet mastered, this is not a reason to give up your desire. Success at any activity depends mostly on diligence and hard work.


Three ways to identify your aptitudes


  • Recall what you liked in preschool age, what you dreamed of, what you wanted to do, what “professional” games you played. Sometimes the recognition manifests itself very early: a child constantly draws, sings, makes toys or fiddles with pets, and then becomes an artist, musician, engineer, or veterinarian.
  • Make a list of the things you enjoy doing most: reading, playing computer games, cooking, traveling, babysitting younger siblings, growing flowers, writing stories. Any of these activities can become a profession.
  • Take career guidance tests. These can be tests on the Internet or special training for teenagers, in which participants are helped to identify their desires, aptitudes as well as their talents and relate them to specific professions.

Second step. Imagine what the job you want to do looks like. To do this, answer the following questions:

  • Do I work mostly alone or am there always a lot of people around me?
  • Do I work in a team and make decisions collectively, or do I do everything alone and take responsibility for the results?
  • When I work, is it quiet or noisy around me?
  • Do I work in an office, at home, outdoors?
  • What do I need to work: what are the conditions, circumstances, environment, tools?
  • Does my work involve traveling or not?
  • Do I want to do something new all the time or do I like to do the same thing every day?
  • The more accurately you imagine your dream job, the easier it will be to move on to the next step.

Step Three. Decide on a field or direction that fits into the picture you have in mind, and then make a list of specific professions. As you make the list, keep the image of your ideal job in mind and compare how the profession relates to it.


Take responsibility for yourself


  • Be prepared for the fact that you will have to work hard to fulfill your dreams. It’s not enough to decide on a profession – you have to take responsibility for this decision and be prepared to overcome difficulties.
  • If your parents are upset with your choice, prepare a strong argument. Explain why this profession suits you, why you chose this specialty, this university, and how you see your future career and income. When your parents see that you are serious, it will be easier for them to accept your choice.
  • Make a clear plan for preparing for a particular college or university: what subjects you will study, how much time you have left, what additional classes or tutorials you need.
  • If you want to start working right after school and your chosen profession allows you to do this – explain to your parents why you decided so and what you want to achieve: for example, to gain experience and practical skills, to gain self-confidence, to earn money for your studies. Without higher education, you can work successfully in many areas – marketing, advertising, programming, sales, design, journalism, conservation. In today’s world, a degree does not mean as much as it used to; employers often look at skills rather than the name of the university on the diploma.
  • Prepare for possible failure, develop a plan B. Think about how you will act if you do not get into the chosen university – will you study for another year or choose a similar institution and apply there? And if in fact, the job is not what you dreamed about, will you take a job elsewhere or think about changing direction? Try to imagine as many obstacles and surprises on the way to your dreams as possible and think of ways out of these situations, so that real-life difficulties will not make you give up.


Figure out what is missing to achieve the goal


  • Lack of knowledge about the profession. Look for ways to improve it. Find information on the Internet. Think about whether you know people who work in your chosen profession, ask your parents to look among friends and acquaintances, make an appointment and find out everything you are interested in. You can get an idea of different professions from books and documentaries.
  • Lack of knowledge of a particular subject. For example, you realized that you want to enter the design department and now you need to take the exam in literature, and it’s not your favorite subject at all. In this situation, you need to allocate time to study the right subject and think of ways to quickly add to the knowledge base. Perhaps you need a tutor or special courses.
  • Lack of time to prepare for the required exams. You’ll have to prioritize and learn time-management skills. Give up extra activities that are not related to your goal or use research paper writing help, put off your favorite hobbies for a while, reduce your communication in social networks. Think about how you can optimize the learning process.


Start practicing


Take the initiative, learn practical skills, and expand your horizons before you graduate. If your profession allows you to start working before you graduate, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity. The more practical experience you have before graduation, the greater the advantage you will have over your peers.

To successfully come to the dream job, you need to have a plan and believe in yourself, and then everything will be possible!


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