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Dr Andrew Goldsworthy on graphene and vaccine-induced magnetism

HIGHLIGHT: “…Wherever It (the magnetism) goes, it could wreak havoc with cell permeability and have all sorts of biological effects, including heart failure, premature Alzeimer’s disease and, when the mitochondria are affected, chronic fatigue….”

Dr Andrew Goldsworthy is a retired lecturer and Biological Safety Officer from Imperial College London. Yesterday, we had an enlightening conversation around the mechanisms of vaccine-induced magnetism Dr Andrew Goldsworthy is not only a true gentleman, but generously and fearlessly offers his knowledge and insights in this statement below. Please read to the end.

What could cause this magnetism?

Hypothesis by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy The vaccine-induced magnetism hinges around the possibility that a graphene-like compound was used as an adjuvant to increase the rate of uptake of the mRNA. This is based on electron microscopy, where graphene oxide was found to be in the vaccine. See here It has been difficult to obtain further samples for investigation because the manufacturers insist that all unused vials and used syringes have to be returned after the shots are delivered. Why the secrecy? This may be the reason. Follow this link to an open-access review on the toxicity of the graphene family (including graphene oxide). It looks pretty horrific. Also, see this. But how could this have happened since neither graphene or graphene oxide are magnetic? The answer is that both graphene and graphene oxide, can conduct enough electricity across the cell membranes to magnetise nearby superparamagnetic particles such as ferritin and magnetite to cause a widespread magnetisation of people receiving the vaccine. It’s just as the iron core of an electromagnet becomes magnetised when an electric current is passed through the coil of wire wound around it. To make this argument more quantitative; the electrical conductivity of graphene on the nano scale is two orders of magnitude greater than copper See here

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