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Expert Gynaecologist says ‘Covid-19’ fake vaccinated individuals may affect ‘unvaccinated’ women

Doctor Shelley Cole, a board-certified Obstetrician -Gynaecologist has expressed her concern over the potential threats vaccines for Covid-19 pose to pregnant women. 

“Concern started when we saw that individuals who were not vaccinated, who were around vaccinated individuals started having abnormal bleeding,” said Dr. Cole. “Their periods would be disrupted, or they had a passage of large clots or heavy bleeding or pre-term deliveries, miscarriages even.”

These side-effects were reported by hundreds of vaccinated recipients too, who experienced disrupted menstrual cycles, hemorrhaging, miscarriages, and stillbirth.

The mechanism behind the abnormal reactions, as the doctor said, was because the vaccine contains a kind of spike protein called the “syncytio protein,” which is not so different from the syncytiotrophoblastic cells in the placenta.

Dr. Cole, who has specialised in the woman’s reproductive tract, pregnancy and childbirth for the past twenty years, surmised unvaccinated people can still be affected if they were in close interaction with those vaccinated, recalling one of her patients who started bleeding after 25 years of period free just after she touched an immunised individual.

“Of course we don’t know 100 percent sure if she got the spike proteins from this individual,” she added.

The technology behind the mRNA shots also has Dr. Cole worried. Explaining that while the “80 billion spike proteins” carried in the vaccines would produce antigen within the body, there is no guarantee if the human body can identify between the self and non-self antibody.

“If we start making antibodies to this spike protein, we could be fighting off the synyctio-proteins that our bodies naturally make for the placentas,” said Dr. Cole, adding that since the experimental vaccines skipped the animal studies, recipients are allowing themselves to be experimented on.

Vaccination is not the only possible treatment of the alleged Covid-19 disease, according to many medical doctors throughout the past year who have been censored.

It was rumoured that hydroxychloroquine could help tackle the alleged disease. However, instead of conducting a fair study, extremely high and potentially lethal doses of hydroxychloroquine were administered to ensure the study failed.

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