Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 31 July 2021

Cult-Owned American Medical Association Calls for MANDATORY ‘Covid Fake Vaccines’ for ALL Healthcare Workers

The American Medical Association (AMA) along with the American Nurses Association (ANA), and other pharmaceutical groups want all medical workers in the United States to be subjected to mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations or face losing their jobs.

Ezekiel Emanuel, a Jewish bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania and the brother of former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, organised a joint statement of nearly 60 medical groups demanding that all health care workers receive the jab or face unemployment for failing to comply.

Emanuel twisted the narrative, making it seem like medical staff themselves are demanding that the government enforce mandatory Covid jabs, by stating: “We have reached a confluence where health care workers want vaccine mandates, and the government is responding.

“I fully expect more health care employers – health systems, long-term care companies, pharmacies, and others– will mandate their employees get vaccinated.

“The nation will be better off for it,” Emanuel said.

According to the statement, which was shared with The Washington Post, vaccinating all health care workers in the US would guarantee the “health and safety of US Workers, families” and communities, as “the nation depends on it.”

Currently, President Joe Biden has struggled to make the Covid-19 vaccines mandatory across the US, because constitutionally he cannot do so. Despite this, Biden does support private employers “mandating” them for their workers.

Even with endless media and political fearmongering about a deadly “pandemic” and a spotlight focusing on the new “terrifying” Delta variant, most of the country is refusing to get vaccinated. Biden aimed to have 70% of Americans fully vaccinated by Independence Day, and unsurprisingly that date came and went with the population unfazed and ignoring government propaganda.

As we know, this was never about protecting the population, but to control us and keep us (and make us) sick. The introduction of vaccine passports only confirms these suspicions and shows that there is something darker afoot.

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