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Is It Worth Investing Money in Solar Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the key elements to a safe and comfortable home. If you live in a hot and humid climate, you need the air conditioning for the larger part of the year. While the AC unit is integral for the comfort of your home, it’s also one of the biggest consumers of energy. This means if you must have air conditioning throughout the year, your energy bill will also be high. A solar air conditioner comes in as an alternative to the conventional AC system.

If you’re looking for a home upgrade that can also cut the cost of home maintenance, it’s time to discover the solar AC. This post explores solar air conditioning to help you make an informed choice.

Does Solar Air Conditioning Work?

The first thing that comes to mind when you read about a solar AC is whether such technology works. To answer this, you need to understand the basics of the air conditioning system. In your conventional air conditioner, the unit relies on electricity from the grid to cool your home.

The air conditioning system is complex, and it has multiple components which need power to operate. Your AC has a series of tubes which coil into the evaporator and condenser coils, the refrigerant is critical for the cooling process and it runs through the coils.

The refrigerant transfers heat from the indoor space to the condenser unit, which expels heat outside. The compressor, which is the AC system’s pump, moves the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser to complete the cooling process. The system’s blower also works to move warm indoor air into the AC system and cool your home.

This process requires a lot of power and when your AC is on, you have cycles occurring continuously. If you’re relying on power from the grid, you’ll notice an increase in your energy bill during the hottest months when the AC has to run throughout.

Instead of using electricity from the grid, your solar air conditioner relies on electricity generated by solar panels. In areas with sufficient sunshine, solar panels can generate enough power to power most systems and appliances in your home. The main difference between a conventional AC and your solar-powered AC is the source of power and this makes all the difference.

You have three types of solar AC systems namely:

  • Solar thermal hybrid air conditioners: The system relies on solar energy to help the compressor function. The fans and other control components rely on electricity from the grid
  • Solar PV hybrid air conditioners: This system switches from solar power to stored battery energy. During the day, you have a lot of electricity generated by your solar panel system. This system charges the battery storage system. When the sun no longer shines, you have the system running energy stored in the battery back-ups. The system also charges the batteries using alternating current (AC) electricity
  • Absorption chillers: This system relies on water evaporation and condensation to produce cool air for your home. The solar AC uses solar energy to power the fan and the motor

Why Invest in a Solar Air Conditioner?

Is it worth investing in an Enovatek air conditioner? To answer this question, consider the following benefits:


Your home’s air conditioning eats into a large chunk of your finances. If you have to run the AC for most months of the year, a solar ACA becomes a smart alternative to save money. You have a reliable source of power which is also affordable. The solar AC unit might cost a lot initially but it pays for the cost within a few years. You can go fully off-grid and forget about the high energy bills that you have to grapple with every month.

Improved Energy Efficiency

If you want to save money in your home’s maintenance, consider overhauling the AC system in your home. These systems not only use a lot of electricity but also waste a lot of energy. With a solar energy AC, you have a more energy-efficient system which makes your home more energy-efficient. It’s a great way to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Clean Energy Incentives

With the government promoting clean energy adoption, there are policies to encourage consumers to invest in renewables. Installation of a solar AC qualifies you to such benefits including tax incentives, grants, rebates, cheaper solar hardware, and other benefits.

Increasing Home Value

Most homebuyers today are looking for features that make their homes more energy-efficient. The modern homeowner is more conscious about the environment. The installation of a solar air conditioner can boost your home’s value and help you get a buyer easily.

Great ROI

As a home improvement, a solar air conditioner offers impressive ROI. This system pays for its own cost through the savings you make every month. You can choose to go off the grid with your air conditioning needs.

Final Thoughts  

Thinking of a home upgrade that keeps on giving? Consider a solar air conditioning unit. This is an eco-friendly home improvement that keeps your home comfy, energy-efficient, and even adds to the value of the property.


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