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“Do aliens exist?”

The world we live in is incredibly vast and spacious, with scientists claiming the never-ending expansion of the cosmic plane. And because there are so many unknowns about our Universe, it is only natural for humankind to ask certain questions. One of those important curiosities we still have to satisfy is “Are we alone?”. Are there intelligent beings on other planets? That’s what this article will try to explore.

Many of us remember the show “Ancient Aliens,” with its’ amazing plot and intrigue. The program sparked an interest of an entire generation to research facts about other planets and the Universe as well. Many writing services were bombarded with requests to provide the show reviews.

Ever since humanity has realized itself not living in the center of the Universe, covered with a crystal dome of the firmament, but on a relatively small rocky ball, one of the billions of the same balls of the Universe, it does not get tired of thinking about whether there is life on other planets and exists whether aliens.

This topic turned out to be so exciting to the imagination of people that over the past hundred years, disputes about the possibility of the existence of aliens have not subsided throughout the Earth, and the number of books is expressed in hundreds of thousands. So, after all, are there aliens – inhabitants of other stars and other planets?

Proving the existence of extraterrestrials and not somewhere in the depths of space, but already here, on Earth, the supporters of this view of the problem cite facts and considerations that can be divided into several groups.

We supposedly have photos, videos, and eyewitness accounts of the mysterious glowing pillars. Incomprehensible flying objects of bizarre shapes, or even the aliens themselves, allegedly came into contact with them.

If everything is more or less clear with the witnesses and their testimonies (most of them have various mental problems), then photo and video evidence, ancient film photographs, is far from so unambiguous. They can be interpreted as evidence.

Also, giant images of bizarre shapes are found in fields and meadows. These images are made up of many circles. They must be repeated in different parts of the world. This excludes the possibility of someone’s joke or hoax. They can only be seen when viewed from a great height – for example, from an airplane.

Giant images are created by wide furrows in the soil or lined with stone lines. They, too, are visible only from a great height and depict animals, birds, and humans. The most famous are images from the Peruvian Nazca plateau. But there are similar drawings in other parts of the planet, in particular, in Siberia.

The ancient people had to do gigantic work, creating drawings that can only be seen from an airplane. Unless, of course, we exclude the version about aliens, for which greeting symbols were laid out, denoting the landing site.

There are also strange descriptions from ancient sacred books about fantastic aircraft and phenomena. They can be found in many nations. For example, these are found in the ancient Indian epic, many African legends, and even in the Bible.

American scientist Richard Hoover devoted quite a lot of time to the study of meteorites. On some of them, he was able to find fossilized remains of microorganisms of extraterrestrial origin.

He found the remains of bacteria and algae that did not correspond to any of the known species of terrestrial creatures.

This allowed the scientist to assert that if microorganisms do live somewhere in space, then it is quite possible that more advanced and developed forms of life, up to reasonable ones, exist.

The huge public interest in the topic of alien visits, fueled by representatives of the press, forced the British government to create a special committee, which included well-known scientists and experts.

They carefully studied the photographs available at that time, testimonies of many people who claim to have been contacted by extraterrestrials, and simply eyewitnesses of strange phenomena. As a result, they concluded that all the evidence is either fakes or optical atmospheric effects. They only created the illusion of seeing a UFO.

Until now, science has not provided convincing evidence of either the existence of aliens or the impossibility of their existence. There is too little reliable information to draw indisputable conclusions.

But if you think logically, you can conclude that life on Earth is unlikely to be a unique and isolated phenomenon in the Universe. Aliens must exist. But when we meet with them, and they turn out to be brothers in mind or cruel enemies and enslavers, only the future will show.

Even then, it is still absolutely up to you if you believe in extraterrestrials or not.


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