Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 27 July 2021

China Will Rule America If Electric Vehicles Go Mainstream

China controls 90% of the markets of some rare earth minerals which are used in the production of electric vehicles.

This would allow China to checkmate the US economy if America’s shipping industry becomes more reliant on electric vehicles.

“The energy revolution’s dependence on rare earth metals, which is only set to intensify, has inadvertently put a huge amount of control into the hands of China, which controls around 90% of the market for some of these resources, and has shown that it is not afraid to use that power to sway international politics and diplomacy,” reported

Rare earth minerals aren’t exactly “rare,” but mining them creates so much pollution that China has an advantage because it isn’t as fazed by environmental concerns as the US.

If choking the US economy is the goal, then it makes sense why environmentalists funded by anti-US interests are promoting electric vehicles in America while saying nothing about pollution in China.

Additionally, the US power grid can barely support current energy demands as it is, without more electric vehicles on the road.

Contrast this to China which is actually building coal power plants while the US tapers off its remaining plants.

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