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Vicar faces the sack for singing without a mask

A CHURCH of England vicar is facing disciplinary action for singing Thine Be The Glory on Easter Sunday without a mask.

The Rev Charlie Boyle of All Saints in Branksome, Dorset, has also allegedly transgressed by hugging a mourner at a funeral, recording a service from a beach hut ‘at a time when use of such facilities was not permitted’ and ‘on more than one occasion singing with the worship band’.

These complaints have been conveyed to Mr Boyle in a letter from the Archdeacon of Dorset, the Venerable Antony MacRow-Wood, which can be seen here.

Mr Boyle says he has already been asked to leave his post, which would mean losing the home where he lives with his wife and four sons.

He said: ‘I am deeply saddened and hurt that Covid regulations are being used as an excuse by the church hierarchy to bully me and my young family.

‘During the pandemic, due to government guidance, churches and their congregations have become places of division and fear instead of the places of prayer, refuge, worship, outreach and hope they should be.’

You can see a video of the offensive singing here.

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