Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 July 2021

Hey, Tory MPs – What are you going to do about Johnson? (The point is, however, that Johnson is a vacuous pawn – it’s all coming from the shadows that people never see)

This is a plea to the leaders of the 1922 Committee of back-bench Conservative Party MPs, chairman Sir Graham Brady and vice-chairman Sir Charles Walker, from a group of four women.

Dear Sir Graham and Sir Charles,

AS non-residents of your constituencies, we are writing to you, once again, in your respective roles as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the 1922 Committee.  The PM’s recent directives about compulsory vaccinations for the young to enter nightclubs and 14 years imprisonment for journalists and other investigators who seek to publish the truth for reasons of public good and thereby don’t toe the Government’s official and prescribed line are indications that the man has gone insane with power. He is completely out of his depth with the role which he long sought and is now nothing more than a latter-day Fuhrer, issuing tyrannical and anti-democratic edicts from his bunker in Downing Street or in Chequers. How much longer is the 1922 Committee going to allow this demented man to wreck irrevocable and irreparable damage on the nation? Or, to put it in the crude vernacular of social media – WTF are you going to do about Johnson?

[From one of the group] My mother’s first fiancé lost his life flying with Bomber Command to oppose the Nazi tyranny, the modern-day equivalent of which is now being imposed on this country. Nearly 58,000 men in Bomber Command (the largest death toll in our Armed Forces during WW2) made the ultimate sacrifice to save this nation from Hitler and his evil regime.

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