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Global Refund Group Review – A Reliable Choice for Funds Recovery

Global Refund Group is a funds recovery company. They help victims of online scams get their money back. The company was founded to help victims fight back against the ongoing surge in investment scams online. Our Global Refund Group review takes a closer look at this company.

Their team shows compassion and care when handling their clients’ cases, doing everything they can to set things right. We found the methods they use for recovering funds to be very impressive, and their success rates certainly demonstrate that fact as well.

How Can Global Refund Group Help?

We closely inspected the methods and processes the company uses to recover client funds during our Global Refund Group review. We found that they have numerous ways to get your money back and can approach each situation from the unique angle necessary for success.

Tracking Down Your Scammers

Identifying and tracking down scammers is a big part of what they do. Scam brokerages are often highly anonymous, making direct confrontation difficult. Instead, their team applies their long experience in this field to find your scammers’ true identity and location quickly and reliably.

Putting Their Leverage to Work

Many of their refund cases don’t have to proceed past confronting the scammers. When the brokerage understands that you have reliable representation helping you, they are sometimes ready to deliver a refund voluntarily rather than face more severe consequences.

Presenting Your Case to the Relevant Authorities

When scammers insist on holding onto your funds, Global Refund Group has experience in all the proper channels to bring your case to the right authorities. They know the proper procedures to get results from regulators, government bodies, and banks.

We found that their true specialty is knowing how to use their wide skillset to best approach any victim’s case. Their team excels at identifying the most effective route for pursuing a refund and applying their techniques as needed.

Who Can Global Refund Group Help?

Global Refund Group helps the victims of online financial scams. These scams most commonly victimize two main groups: new investors and the elderly. Often there’s an overlap, and that’s what these brokerages are looking for.

During our Global Refund Group review, we found out that the majority of people seeking their services are victims of either forex, contracts for differences (CFDs), or binary options scams. Of course, there are many other investment scams out there, but these three victimize the most people by far.

These three assets have one thing in common. They promise massive returns. Unfortunately, scam brokerages have no intention to deliver. Instead, they are simply baiting a trap. Once investors deposit their funds, the victims have no chance of ever making a withdrawal.

Restrictions on available leverage while trading these assets, and the near-universal ban on binary options, drives investors to find unregulated brokers that offer more favorable terms than regulated brokers. Just as often as not, however, these unregulated brokers are scams.

What is Global Refund Group’s Process?

A big part of what has made Global Refund Group so successful in the long run has been its well-developed process. Applying this process to each case lets them deliver consistent results and ensures each client gets the support they need.

1.     A Free Consultation

Our Global Refund Group review found the free consultation an expedient and straightforward process where their representative gathered some key facts about our situation. These facts included basic information about when, where, and to who we lost our funds.

Global Refund Group then applies the metrics they’ve developed over their time in operation. These metrics let them determine which cases can succeed and which won’t. In addition, their team is honest with potential clients, letting them know how likely their case is to lead to a refund.

2.     Information Gathering

For cases that go forward, Global Refund Group then gets to work finding all the pertinent information that will make your case. Much of the information comes from the client at this point, including account information with the brokerage and transaction records with the bank or other payment processor.

3.     Pursuing Every Avenue

With all the relevant information in hand, Global Refund Group begins the process of securing a refund. First, they attempt to contact the scam brokerage to start your refund. If they are unwilling, Global Refund Group moves on to filing your case with the relevant authority or payment processor.

4.     Recovering Your Funds

After filing the proper procedures with the regulatory body or the bank, Global Refund Group corresponds with those entities to ensure the refund process goes smoothly. After some processing time, your money is successfully recovered from the scam brokerage.

Of course, there are many finer details within each of these steps. They form an overall picture of how Global Refund Group conducts their company to get the best results for their clients.

The Team at Global Refund Group

We took a closer look at the makeup of their team for our Global Refund Group review. Of course, their team members now have substantial experience getting refunds for their clients, but what are their backgrounds?

Global Refund Group has achieved such success because of the diverse backgrounds from which they draw their staff. Their team consists of professionals from finance, banking, law, and cybersecurity. These fields all come together to achieve success in the field of funds recovery.

Of course, law expertise is necessary for navigating the complex international regulations when investing in a foreign nation. Finance and banking experience give their team insight on how to deal with brokerages and banks. Cybersecurity expertise helps them find information on the scam brokerage.

We found that their team was highly supportive and delivered not only expert but also courteous service. It was easy to get a hold of their support team any time of day, and they have local lines for the most common countries these scams target.

Their Success

They have a skilled team and a solid process, but how effective is Global Refund Group at getting their clients’ money back? Our Global Refund Group review evaluated the statistics for their past performance, and we found them to be impressive.

The cases they’ve taken have had a 97% success rate, speaking to the accuracy of their evaluation metrics. Overall, the team has recovered over two million in client funds and continues to do more every day.

Our Take on Global Refund Group

Our Global Refund Group has shown us a funds recovery company that is deeply invested in finding success for its clients. We were impressed by their technical knowledge and experience in their field, and we would recommend them to anyone who has become the victim of an online financial scam.


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