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The BBC is lying to under 30’s about the safety and efficacy of the ‘Covid-19 Vaccines’ – Here’s everything they’ve forgot to tell you …

The Government has announced only the double vaccinated will be able to enter a club from the Autumn in a move that is nothing short of coercion, and it is also criminal. You should only ever take a medical treatment if you feel it is necessary in order to cure you, protect you, or reduce symptoms. You should never take a medical treatment in order to go on holiday, or enter a nightclub.

The BBC, which is the propaganda arm of the Government, is now doing its best to convince all those under 30 to take the experimental Covid-19 vaccines. Here’s everything they forgot to tell you…

The vaccine rollout is now reaching younger adults.

What do they need to know about getting jabbed?

Who can get a vaccine now?

  • In England, people aged 30 and over can book online or by calling 119
  • In Scotland, people aged 30 and over are being invited for a vaccination
  • In Wales vaccines to everyone aged 18 and over can get a vaccine
  • In Northern Ireland, people aged 18 and over can book online or call 0300 200 7813

What vaccine will I get and can I choose?

The UK is using Covid vaccines made by:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Oxford-AstraZeneca (AZ)
  • Moderna

A single-dose jab made by Janssen has also been approved. – this isn’t true. It has been given emergency use authorisation which is quite different from being approvedIn October the government made changes to the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 to allow the MHRA to grant temporary authorisation of a Covid-19 vaccine in an emergency without needing to wait for the EMA.

A temporary use authorisation is valid for one year only and requires the pharmaceutical companies to complete specific obligations, such as ongoing or new studies. Once comprehensive data on the product have been obtained, standard marketing authorisation can be granted. This means that the manufacturer of the vaccine cannot be held liable for any injury or death that occurs due to their vaccine, unless it was due to a quality control issue.

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