Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 July 2021

Door to Door Vaccine Gestapo Came to My House

Not only did door to door vaccine gestapo come to MY DOOR last week, but they are calling and leaving voice mails as well.

Last week the door bell rang and I had a feeling it was the vaccine gestapo, as I was not expecting anyone.

From a side window in my office I saw 2 younger men, both wearing the pointless covid cloth masks on their face. They carried clipboards and plastic bags that contained the helpful covid “vaccine” pamphlets. 

One of the men was on the ready with a covid pamphlet in hand for when I opened the door; which I did not. I always said I would open the door for door to door Covid Vaccine gestapo to have a bit of fun, but I didn’t feel like dealing with their BS. 

Even if I wanted to open the door, I didn’t have enough time; they left quick, as my 2 German shepherds blasted the front window, enforcing the NO SOLICITORS sign. The dogs don’t like strangers much. The dogs got rid of them before I had a chance to answer the door.

The 3rd German shepherd was in the backyard barking at the gate when he heard the men talking at the front of the house.

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