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Buying a Rolex Watch: Is It Worth Your Hard-Earned Money?

Rolex is undeniably the most famous luxury watch manufacturer worldwide. No matter where you are and no matter how little you know about horology, you are probably aware that this company produces timepieces that symbolize luxury, style, quality, and success. With a history that started way back in 1905, it developed some of the revolutionary innovations that helped improve the lives of the military, NASA, scientists, and sports players.

Since Rolex only offers timepieces that are of high quality and precision, they come with prestigious price tags. Are you planning to buy a luxury timepiece from Rolex but you don’t know if it would be worth your money? Maybe you are still in the process of convincing yourself that splurging for this item is one of the best decisions that you can make today. Check out the list of reasons below why it is worth splashing out!

Appreciates in value

Luxury watches like Rolex can appreciate in value even after years of wearing them. It is not the case if you purchase cars and clothes because once you take them out of their boxes and use them for a few minutes, their value can tremendously drop. If you plan to sell your Rolex watch in the future, you have to take good care of it and bring it to a watch professional regularly to check for any damages.  It pays to maintain its quality because it increases the chances of you selling it at a significantly higher amount of money than what you initially paid for. Nowadays, a lot of watch collectors who bought Rolex watches for a few pounds are trying to sell them for a few thousand in the secondary market. 

Has a timeless design

Another great thing about Rolex watches is that they have a timeless design which means that you can still wear them in the long run even if fashion trends change. It can stand the test of time and will continue to be a recognizable brand worldwide. No matter what type of clothing and accessory you use, you will never have a hard time choosing the Rolex watch to complete the look.

The best status symbol

Watch collectors and the general public consider Rolex watches as the best status symbol compared with other luxury watch brands. Once you wear one, people can easily tell that you are already successful in your career. Although other luxury watch brands offer timepieces with expensive price tags and high craftsmanship, they are not as popular as Rolex. If you desire to show off your status in life wherever you go, then this brand is a great option to buy from.

High reliability

If you buy a Rolex watch, expect that it will last a very long time because of its high reliability. Since it costs you more than a thousand dollars, it just makes sense that it can withstand extreme conditions which guarantees you that it can work well on your wrist in the years to come. It can serve as a family heirloom that you can pass from one generation to another. This would not be possible without proper care and maintenance.

Can express your personality

Rolex offers a lot of collections containing watch models with diverse colors, styles, and materials. Therefore, you can find the perfect luxury watch that can best reflect your personality. You will not have a hard time finding the one that fits perfectly with your current style, aesthetics, and budget. Don’t rush the decision-making process and make sure to allocate enough time researching Rolex collections to prevent feelings of regret and dissatisfaction.

Watches manufactured by Rolex that are worth your money

  1. Rolex Submariner 116610 LV

The Rolex Submariner 116610 LV or often referred to as the Rolex Hulk became available for sale in 2010. Unlike other Rolex Submariner models that are purely black in appearance, it has a greenish display with its green dial and bezel made from luminous materials. The company manufactured it primarily as a watch to accompany professional divers in their underwater experiences. With a 300 m water resistance, it will not perform poorly after you submerge it in water. Besides that, it features a durable and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a triple winding crown, and a Rolex caliber 3135 that allows it to last for 50 hours. If you’re looking for a comfortable timepiece to wear at all times, then this one’s for you. To own one, you just have to secure yourself with $72 000. 

  1. Rolex Daytona 116515LN-0012

The Rolex Daytona 116515LN-0012 is less expensive than the watch model mentioned earlier. It comes with a price tag of over $42 000. It is a promising watch to have because of its unique appearance consisting of a bold black dial with snailed counters and Everose gold minute hands. Additionally, it has a round case with a size of 40 mm. To guarantee you that it is a durable and attractive model to purchase today, the company encased it in 18k Everose gold material. Since it features a sapphire crystal, expect that it will be free from any scratches even if you drop it several times. 

  1. Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688-0002

If you want a timepiece that can easily catch the attention of your friends and colleagues, then this Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688-0002 is a great option. It has a yellow gold profile that screams elegance and royalty. It has a 44 mm round case made from 18k yellow gold composed of a bidirectional 90 degree rotating bezel and Rolex caliber 4161. It comes with a Mercedes hand instead of the typical dark grey sword-shaped ones. Besides that, you will enjoy this chronometer movement that allows it to tell time accurately. It can survive underwater activities with a depth of 100 m but more than that it will be prone to damage.

In a Nutshell

Rolex watches are absolutely worth it if you get the right model that fits your budget, style, and personality. They are one of the best luxury watch options because of the guaranteed quality, impressive workmanship, and unbelievable longevity. There are a lot of counterfeiters today so make sure to buy from legitimate resellers such as!

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