Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 July 2021

Irish Ice Hockey Star Resigns In Protest Over Vaccine Passports

Niall McEvoy is an ice hockey player who has represented Ireland for the past thirteen years. He was a key member of the squad that won the silver medal at the 2017 Development Cup in Andorra.

This morning, Niall emailed his team mates and the coaches of the Irish National Ice Hockey team to tender his resignation. In the emotional email, Niall said that he “can no longer represent a country that has approved of the discrimination and segregation between vaccinated people and unvaccinated people.”

He went on to say that, “I will not accept or consent to a “Vaccine passport”/digital passport, nor will I use a Qr code/track and trace system that allows this system to be implemented. This allows for total government control over the citizens of Ireland and akins us to cattle.”

Niall reached out to me this morning. He gave me permission to read his email to the national team on The Richie Allen Show. He also gave his consent for the email to be circulated, so long as it isn’t taken out of context and is reprinted in full.

Here is Niall’s email in full. I haven’t edited it.

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