Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 16 July 2021

The World ‘Economic’ Forum’s Cyber Polygon ‘Simulation’ (Coming Reality) Begins Tomorrow

If you want to know the near-term future, watch closely as Klaus Schwab and the WEF foretell their next plot to harm, make dependent, starve, murder, and control all of us. This year’s Cyber Polygon event is simply a way to desensitize this population so that the coming horrific plans of the ‘master’ class can be achieved with little resistance. So far over the past sixteen months, the controlling element of society has had its way with the people, so now this fake “Covid’ pandemic conspiracy, plotted and implemented by the state, will go into high gear for a final push to subdue the bulk of this population.

Two months ago, I made these statements about the coming cyber terror at the hands of the state:

We are now in the midst of what can be described as a ‘pandemic’ tsunami. Wave after wave of manufactured threats are coming. These will be in many forms, from the so-called ‘Covid variants,’ to runaway inflation, to targeted uprisings, to disasters blamed on climate change; all of course based strictly on fear. Just as Event 201 was used to warn of the plotted coming fake ‘Covid pandemic’ lie, the next staged event that is foretelling the known future will be Cyber Polygon 2021 set to be held on July 9th, which is less than two months away. Given the history of the ‘Covid’ scam, does this mean that the major planned cyber attacks that will shut down this country will take place in August or September? There is no way to be positive, but I believe it is more likely than not that these events will be ongoing this summer and fall.

There have been several claimed ‘cyber attacks’ over the past few months, all in preparation for the coming cyber event long-planned by the WEF. This event will be used to solidify in the minds of a very weak public coming attacks against this citizenry meant to once again instill great fear in the masses. The heavily marketed state predictions of cyber attacks and terror have been purposely prepared in order to soften resistance by flooding the minds of the many with the ‘possible’ (probable) future that awaits them. When it actually takes place in the form of false flag attacks constructed by the powerful among us, the people will already be expecting this, and will most likely think that the state’s warnings about these exact events were meant to help them prepare, when all along it was only a brainwashing scheme by the very enemy that now seeks to conquer them.

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