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MP Andrew Percy calls voter “Ignorant, Embarrassing, & Dangerous” for daring to protest against his decision to vote for mandatory vaccinations for Carers

An MP who voted in favour of making Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for care home staff across the UK, has labelled a constituent “ignorant, embarrassing, and dangerous” for daring to object to the MP’s decision. 

Earlier today we were contacted by a reader who had emailed their MP using a Daily Expose suggested template in response to last night’s vote which was as follows – 

‘Dear MP …

Do you realise what you have just voted in favour of?

You’ve just voted to make an experimental treatment mandatory for persons entering a care home.

It does not stop you getting it.

It does not stop you spreading it.

I highly doubt you’re even aware of these facts. 

I am disgusted. 

Learn something –

Your actions in voting for this are an absolute disgrace’

The MP in question was Andrew Percy, Conservative MP for Brigg, Goole, and the Isle of Axholme.

Here’s what Andrew Percy MP claims on his website –

I made clear during my election campaign that I wanted to be a strong independent voice for our area and I meant it. I have never been afraid to speak up for our area, no matter who is in power. As your MP I am here to help you on any matter at all so please get in touch if you think I can be of assistance. I can’t always guarantee that I will be successful but I will at least try my best.

I am also always keen to hear your views on local and national issues. So, whether you need help on a specific issue, or you simply want to share your views on a big issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You pay my wages so please make use of me!

But here is Andrew Percy’s response to his constituents email in full –

Your email is so ignorant it is almost an embarrassment that you sent it.

The statements you made are so ignorant and so factually incorrect I do not know where to begin.

Vaccines are never 100 percent effective in 100 percent of people but there is absolutely no doubt of their efficacy and impact in both preventing infection and preventing deaths. The data on that is just not disputable.

Care home workers should receive this vaccine as we require doctors to receive certain vaccines as a condition of their employment.

To refuse a vaccine for no good personal medical reason when working with the most vulnerable to this virus is wholly unacceptable.

As someone who works with vulnerable patients in the NHS, I take the flu vaccine every year and got my Covid vaccine at the earliest opportunity I could, so that that patients I attend are protected. That was the responsible thing to do.

Your comments about the vaccine not preventing disease or not preventing passing the virus on are so ignorant to the point that you are actual a danger for spreading those lies.

I am genuinely disgusted by you.


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