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Monroe Shocks and Struts for Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles in Australia manoeuvre several types of roads and terrain. To maintain balance, the drivers must make quick decisions on the road. One of the most important systems that affect the balance of your truck is its suspension system. A truck’s suspension system consists of shock absorbers, struts, tyres, linkages, bushings, joints, arms and bars. 

This article focuses on Monroe shocks and struts for commercial vehicles. Shocks and struts are dampers that limit the vibrations, bouncing, and swaying of your truck. They help drivers maintain control over the truck in critical driving conditions. Read on if you would like to know why Monroe shocks and struts are in high demand.

History of Monroe

For more than 100 years, Monroe has been at the forefront of shocks and strut development. It was established in 1916 in Monroe, Michigan. Monroe’s founder, August Meyer, initially named it the Brisk Blast Manufacturing Company. Meyer’s first products were tyre pumps for cars. 

In 1918, Meyer partnered with Charles McIntyre to focus on solutions to improve driver comfort and control. A year later, Brisk Blast changed its name to Monroe Automobile Equipment Manufacturing Company. The partnership led to the development of Monroe’s first shock absorber, the “Shock Eliminator”. 

In 1977, Tenneco acquired Monroe and retained the brand name. Tenneco’s global resources opened up Monroe to international markets. Today, Monroe is a global brand with more than 93 manufacturing facilities and about 30,000 employees. 

Monroe Shocks for Trucks

Shocks, or shock absorbers, are hydraulic devices that dampen sudden impacts to the wheels of your truck. Your wheels generate kinetic energy when they experience variations in driving conditions. Hydraulic shocks absorb and convert kinetic energy into heat energy. The shocks dissipate heat through the flow of the viscous hydraulic fluid.

Monroe shocks are famous for their strength, durability, long lifespan and unmatched stability. Using Monroe shocks in your truck has several advantages. These include

  • Improved stability, steering and control by enhancing tyre-to-road contact
  • Protection of air springs through extension stops for air suspensions
  • Transformation of kinetic to heat energy for easy dissipation
  • Reduces operational costs by protecting tyres and aftermarket parts for trucks from wear

Monroe Struts for Trucks

While struts and shocks perform similar roles, they differ significantly. Struts are structural support features as well as impact dampers. The struts perform several functions beyond shock absorption. These include

  • Suspension system structural support
  • Promotion of tyre alignment
  • Absorbs the suspension system side loads

Monroe struts consist of several components. Below is a list of the three most important strut components based on their function.

  • Coil Spring: supports the weight of your truck
  • Strut Housing: provides the structural support for the strut assembly
  • Damping Unit: Controls spring and suspension movements. It is found within the strut’s housing.

To sum up, Monroe shocks and struts can increase the stability of your truck and lower its operational costs. Yet, you can enhance the performance of your shocks and struts with regular maintenance. Using quality aftermarket parts for trucks helps to withstand the toughest road conditions. 

Monroe is consistently developing new solutions for the automotive aftermarket industry. The company’s R&D department is dedicated to providing world-class support to the transport industry. Monroe’s aftermarket support solutions are available at every stage of your truck’s life.

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