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How To Include a Bitcoin Donation Button On Your WordPress Site?

Bitcoin is rapidly gaining popularity as a method of accepting online purchases. It is quick, digital, and outlay to do business with us. Because of the enormous change in the price of Bitcoin, it has drawn the gaze of the mass press as well. One of our customers inquired about how they might take Bitcoin transactions on a WordPress website, and we responded positively. Your PayPal contribute button may be replaced with this icon, or it may be placed right in front of it, providing your users with an alternate method of making contributions while saving you time on fee income. Before we actually begin, if you are interested in a platform that could help you in finding secure ways to trade in Bitcoin, then you should register yourself on the Crypto trading Platform.

How To Create a Donation Button for Bitcoin in Minutes?

As part of this article, we’ll demonstrate a couple of alternative methods for accepting Bitcoin contributions via your Professional website (or any website, for that matter). The first option enables you to have a dollar sum in return for the actual value of Bitcoin. 

Using Stripe and A Plugin, You May Create a Bitcoin Donation Button.

Stripe, the payment service used by us, is a favorite of ours. Even when bootstrapping Kinsta to seven numbers, we relied on Hostgator for many of our customers. To build a Bitcoin donation button, we will first need to combine a Chrome extension with the Stripe payment processor. Stripe provides straightforward currency rates. As a result, you may select your amount due in US dollars, or they will give you USD in return (after converting it from Bitcoin). Stripe requires a minimum fee of 0.8 percent for each approved Bitcoin address, with a maximum price of $5. If you are dealing with modest payments, the second or third options listed here are preferable.

To get a start, we suggest using the complimentary WP Simple Pay Lite for Stripe extension that allows you to be up and running in just five quick words. It presently has now 10,000 active installations and has a 4.5-star rating out of 5-stars.

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