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BREAKING: FDA Warning for Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Linked to Autoimmune Disease

As the adverse reactions, injuries and deaths from the various experimental COVID-19 vaccines continue to compound on America’s VAERS, UK Yellow Card and EU Eudravigilance reporting systems, the mainstream media and governments have adopted an unofficial policy of omerta – systematically ignoring the continually alarming data sets which show unprecedented levels of vaccine injuries and deaths. 

This week, another disturbing report has come to light which has managed to break through the mainstream media’s wall of silence on the issue.

Washington Post confirms today: 

“The Food and Drug Administration plans to say this week that the single-dose vaccine has been linked to a serious but rare side effect called Guillain-Barré syndrome, according to four people who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe internal discussions. The incidence is rare — fewer than 100 cases among the 12.8 million people who received the shot in the United States — and health officials plan to emphasize that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh potential risks.”

In the FDA report includes the usual repeated caveat – that despite the horrific side effects, “the shot’s benefits outweigh the risk.” However, government regulators will no longer be able to casually deny the connection between autoimmune disease Guillain-Barré syndrome and the rushed COVID vaccine.

There are other issues with this experimental injection. Back in April, Johnson & Johnson, was forced to halt the roll-out of their experimental COVID vaccine due to the emergence of potentially lethal “rare blood clots” in women who took the not fully licensed corporate product. The media then went silent on the issue, and it was business as usual.

In addition, the controversial J & J jab was recently halted in Belgium for under 40’s after a fatal blood clotting incident.

This latest vaccine debacle is a repeat of a previously botched experimental vaccine roll-out for the fake Swine Flu hoax of 1976 – when the US government lied to the public about there being a major flu epidemic in order to coerce millions of Americans into taking a new experimental Swine Flu jab. The results were disastrous, with scores of lives ruined, including some deaths. Many lives were also destroyed by the Guillain-Barré syndrome ‘side effect,’ after reckless government regulators and the pharmaceutical firms insisted their product was “safe and effective.” The vaccine program was then promptly shut down, with millions of dollars in compensation claims paid-out to the victims.

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