Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 13 July 2021

The Organic Human: An Endangered Species

Ever since I offered my 2-year-old daughter a banana in a playgroup & she yelled at the top of her voice for some unfortunate reason, “IS IT ORGANIC?!” I’ve had an aversion to the word organic.

I groaned inwardly as everyone else’s eyebrows nearly left their foreheads at the sound of such a question coming from a toddler’s mouth.

I know it was a weird thing for her to ask (of course it was bloody organic), but why? Why is it so weird that a small human is prepared to shun a banana if it’s been grown in a cocktail of carcinogenic chemicals?

Ok so maybe it is slightly unusual to be considering such things aged 2, & I did inwardly chastise her for adding to my inability to fit in with normal people even for an hour & a half once a sodding week, but the thing is it makes no difference if you’re 2 or 42; dare to ask if something’s organic & you get put in the weird box.

When did natural become weird?

When did poison get to be the main event & natural get laughed at?

What’s with the ‘Hark at you with your poncy food – think you’re special, do you?’ sneers? The ‘It’s ok for people like you who can afford it’ comments. Do people sneer at people who can afford to buy fags, have wine every night, go on holiday, go to the pub, buy a new car or subscribe to Sky TV or Netflix?

Why, when I’m out shopping do I have to search through the ‘normal’ food covered in pesticides & msg to find the ‘weird’ version that’s natural? Why, if I want to be natural & unaltered, to be void of chemicals, genetic modification & radiation, am I also branded weird?

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