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Neil Hague on 2022: The year of the ‘wise’ & the ‘foolish

For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise.
Corinthians 2 11:19

I’ve been writing and illustrating esoteric subjects for over 20 plus years plus. For those who follow my work will know I like to look closely at the symbolism used by the Cult and ‘unseen’ forces waging war against humanity. In this two-part blog (you might want to make a cuppa, it’s a long one) I am going to look at a theme that has sparked my interest over the past few months, not least an intuitive ‘feeling’ (a hunch) connected to the ongoing Covid ‘drama’, which, is being used as an obvious excuse for an unfolding global tyranny. For more fun, facts and insights, in response to Covid, see my new comic book The Dr. Covid Universe

Ramping up the Fear & Darkness
What sparked my ‘spider senses’ was a spectacular ceremony in Egypt (April 2021) when 22mummies where transported to a new resting place 3,000 years after they were entombed in Valley of the Kings.

The last time ancient Egypt was used in such a ceremonial ‘magic’ show (to celebrate the bloodlines of the ancients and ‘mark time’), was the Jean Michel Jarre concert at Giza in 2000 before the world faced 9/11. Egypt, which is the place from whence the original priesthood, Cabal descended is also ‘Orion’s (Osiris) land’, for more on this see my book Orion’s Door.

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