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If Michael Gove doesn’t have to isolate when he’s pinged, why should we?

Have you heard of the Daily Contact Testing Study? No? Don’t worry. Michael Govehas. In May, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster flew out to Porto to watch the Champions League Final. 

The day after his return, he reportedly got ‘pinged’, informing him he had been in contact with someone who had since tested positive for Covid.

It was believed he’d come into proximity with the infected person on his flight back to Britain, because a large number of his fellow fans were also contacted. 

According to newspaper accounts, as many as five additional plane-loads of supporters received the instruction to self-isolate when they returned.

Except for one. By happy coincidence, Mr Gove was selected to be part of a new trial that gave some of the participants the chance to take a daily test, rather than stay locked up at home. 

A press notice issued when the scheme was launched – in a very low-key manner – by Public Health England, said: ‘If you decide to take part in the study, you will have a 50 per cent chance of being put in this daily testing group. If you are not in this group, you will need to self-isolate as normal and will be asked to take a PCR test.’

But by another happy coincidence, Mr Gove was chosen for the testing regime. And that’s not where his good fortune ended.

According to the Department of Health: ‘People will not be able to take part if they have been informed that they have been in contact with someone who’s tested positive with a variant of concern (VOC) or variant under investigation, or within a known workplace or school where a VOC or variant under investigation is circulating.’

At the time, the Delta variant was running amok. But somehow, it doesn’t seem to have been that strain that Mr Gove came into contact with.

Then there’s the way in which he was notified about his inclusion in the testing study. 

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