Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 July 2021

Dr Covid Universe – Neil Hague

Roll up, roll up … Dr. Covid’s Circus hast come to earth! 

The world has become a circus show, a ‘Clown Land’ extraordinaire;  but one artist is on a mission to make sense of the daily bulletins  and political ‘sound bytes’ seen all over our TVs in every country  since March 2020. If you thought you had woken up in a dystopian  movie called ‘Covid-19’, then you are not alone! This book is for  you! It will help you see clearly, over the top of your face mask and  beyond the bizarre landscape we currently dwell. 

In a concise satirical book of concepts, illustrator Neil Hague  offers an alternative perspective to the Coronavirus pandemic. With  humour and insight, he visually explains the geopolitical narrative  in response to Dr. Covid’s arrival on earth. Through his celebrated  style of image-making, we see the ‘rules’ and science being followed,  in a world possessed by all things Covid, for what they truly are – ‘freedom destroying tomfoolery’! 

The book introduces us to a myriad of characters, like ‘False  Positive’, ‘Build Back Better’, ‘Dr.Mass Hypnosis’, the ‘Branch  Covidians’, ‘Florence Nightmaregale’ and the ‘Gates of Hell’, to name  just a few. 

Armed with a metre rule, calendar, clock and a calculator, Dr. Covid  won’t rest until ‘everyone’ receives the ‘mark of a man’ (the jab)  and gets their vaccine pass to a ‘New Normal’ – the ‘New World  Order’. 

Don’t let the Dr. take your mind and freedom! 

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