Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 9 July 2021

The Myth of Freedom: Does it Really Exist?

“We don’t make the decisions, just does what we’re told where and when we’re told. We lives by rules made somewhere else by sons a bitches don’t know nothin’ about this place.”

Annie Proulx, The Shipping News

Ah, freedom; the thing most seemingly sought, but very rarely (never) attained.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said that “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” This statement epitomizes the American collective at large, as they have not only falsely believed themselves to be free, but the freest of all time in the history of man. Most still believe this nonsense today, even in the midst of this most evil plotted totalitarian takeover of all time. The people in this country are celebrating what is mistakenly called “Independence Day” at this very moment; after 2 1/2 centuries of losing every possible freedom that ever existed.

The human animal has for many thousands of years not only bowed to ‘leaders’ or masters, and sought recognition of local or national prominence, but has actively pursued his own enslavement either by allowing despotic rule, or voluntarily choosing others to rule over him. In this country, the people were ruled by a far away king, but decided to revolt to throw off that rule in favor of another. Instead of freedom or another monarchy, they chose mob rule headed up by a master class that sat above them, made all laws, enforced all laws, and had control of all legislation and courts. This was actually a much worse system, and one riper for corruption than the one they replaced. The difference was only that most agreed to this new system voluntarily, and as time passed, they continued to support the tyranny by ‘voting’ to keep it in place, all the time falsely believing they were in control.

To this very day, Americans continue to boisterously celebrate their non-existent freedom, and revel in braggadocios fashion by claiming to be exceptional and the freest on earth. If von Goethe was correct, and I think he was, then in reality, Americans must be the exact opposite of what they mistakenly believe, and are the most enslaved on earth. The irony of course, is that the majority would never believe they are enslaved, and this will only help to secure their place in permanent serfdom.

Virtually every aspect of life in America is controlled, regulated, taxed, restricted, or mandated; from kids selling lemonade at a neighborhood stand, to repairing, improving, or building one’s own home. All movement and any ability to do so is fully controlled, and most every venture from the very simplest to the most complex is dependent on licensing by corrupt and unqualified government officials. This is nothing more than a permission slip that has to be paid for through extortion, and is used for the theft of private assets and control of every single function of life, and is enforced by the armed goons of the state.

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