Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 9 July 2021

The Covid Planned Pandemic has Created Mass Nihilism

Vaccinated people are the real virus. Since the lock down, I’ve heard several colleagues and associates inform me of their decision to get the shot and the number one theme I kept hearing is ‘How long am I going to live’. It is understandable to some extent coming from guys in their forties, however I know one colleague in his twenties straight up tell me that he does not care about his health, but rather just wants to return to normal. Keep in mind, all these people knew of the risks and even admitted that they most likely will pay for it within the next twenty years. However, that seems to be long enough for them.

The most recent case I heard was from a friend, and he gave me a lecture on how life sucks when you’re old because you don’t have the same strength when you were young and you become a burden for society. He said what is the point in living longer when you have to go to the hospital everyday and you can’t do anything. Even the people who take care of you want you dead and secretly say to themselves, when is this guy going to die. I was laughing as he went on venting, and so he said even though he knows that there are side effects, he will at least live another twenty years and make it to around sixty-five. So this is enough for him, and by then he just wants to go to sleep one night and not wake up.

He discussed this with the medical worker where he inquired about the vaccine and she, being forty herself, was laughing. Before he got the shot, the doctors explained that there are possible side effects and that this is compulsory (surprised to hear that in Canada). After thinking for a few minutes, he decided to do it. He said he did feel some fatigue a few days later and some arm pain but now he’s okay. Despite this, I know he called to vent to me because he deep down he knows he accepted defeat. He justified it by mentioning the international travel laws and the scary stories he heard from his other friends who had to go to the hospital for covid.

A colleague I know, told me during the beginning of the lock down that he’ll get the vaccine because, “I’m forty years old, how long am I going to live”. Low and behold, he later got the vaccine.

‘How long am I going to live?’, that seems to be the number one response. People don’t see a bright future, so the only thing have to look forward to is pleasure and are desperate to return to normal to enjoy such pleasures. But at what cost?

Vaccinated Sheeple are the Real Virus

They are the yes men and women who obey and humbly accept slavery. They willingly subject themselves into indentured servitude according to the laws and social constructs developed by the corrupt rulers of the modern world. And the worse thing is, they expect everyone to fall in line. They don’t like seeing others happy and free, and will try to drag them into the dark abyss that they dwell in. In other words, vaccinated people are losers who have truly given up, and want everyone else to become losers like them. They don’t think, they have no backbone, and because of that, they will easily turn on you if the government ordered it. We are already seeing people being nosy by asking others whether they got vaccinated even though this is private medical information. Friendships have been destroyed and there is already a division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

I’ve heard the term ‘taqiya’ which allows Muslims to lie. Christian conservatives paint it in particular way, however it is also meant as protection from dangerous people. Vaccinated people are potential agents of the system, and because of that they are a latent threat to those with an awakened consciousness. I have thought about whether to use taqiya, even though I’m not Muslim, to protect myself but when the time came, I decided to refuse answering. I guess I’m just too straightforward, but I don’t have to lie about it. I don’t even have to answer to begin with.

I don’t fear these stupid brainwashed people. I do see the advantages in pretending to be one of them and the safety of blending in until you secure yourself a strong position, however I’m not a ninja or secret agent so I don’t care about infiltrating modern degenerate society. I’d rather let everyone know that I refuse the scam covid vaccination, and let them run from me. That way, I automatically weed out sheeple from those with a functioning brain.

Strength is the Way

After my friend vented to me and we hung up, I thought about what he said and while logically it made sense, it was spiritually demoralizing. His words actually ticked me off and made me depressed about life. If I take time to think about what he said, which is the same nihilistic paradigm of there is no point to working towards anything because in the end it doesn’t matter, then I get down and start believing that. Life becomes meaningless and you can’t hope to achieve anything worthwhile with that kind of outlook. There are people well into their sixties, seventies, and beyond who are strong and can function independently. And you can’t just die whenever you feel like it. Life doesn’t work that way. Sure, there’s suicide, but that is against the ancient spiritual teachings of the wise. If it were that easy to just leave this experience by closing your eyes and sleeping, a lot of people wouldn’t be alive today. Life is such a precious thing that despite being old, weak, and all those things young people fear, the desire to live stays. Nobody wants to die, the physical body is always striving to survive. Let them kid themselves all they want, the reality is life is the only reasonable choice.

Giving up is letting the dark controllers have their way with you, and unfortunately this is the popular trend most are choosing, hence why they are the real virus. If the world does burn in flames, it will be because of the recklessness of vaccinated people. Pfizer already stated that a 3rd dose is likely to be needed in the future for variants. With the hyped up Indian variant, this is likely to be so. I told a colleague long before this that the plan is to make people get booster shots indefinitely to pocket more billions for pharmaceutical corporations, and also to control them. There is a small group of the unvaccinated I know, but their stance is not strong enough. They have told me that while they don’t want to get vaccinated, if it becomes mandated by their job, then they will.

Strength is what is needed during these times. Not just muscular strength, but inner strength. I for one, take the stand of a definitive no to vaccination. No one or entity is going to mandate it nor coerce me. If I have to get an exemption, be it medical, or what have you, fine. But I did not come this far in life with all the sacrifices I made to just roll up my sleeve and say ‘give it to me, how long am I going to live.’

I choose how long I will live, and no one, group, or false god is going to tell me otherwise. Let the rest of the world burn if that’s what it chooses, I will emerged unscathed and victorious and inherit the earth along with other conscious beings who choose life over death.

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