Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 July 2021

Illegal to put ‘vaccine’ on a death certificate as the cause of death??

Hello Gareth Thank you for all that you and David do.  May I mention a petition I’m doing.  It’s for the UK but I understand applies globally. Did you know it’s currently ILLEGAL to put any vaccine info on death certificates?  Apparently its so for every member state that belongs to the World Health Organisation.
I didn’t know.
I found out when I got a letter to get a flu vaccine.  So I asked the Office for National Statistics for the data under the Freedom of Information Act for All deaths from Flu in the last 10 years, to show age, comorbidity issues and if they had the flu vaccine.  They wrote back saying they are not able to send any vaccine information as it’s illegal to add this to any death certificates. So in June, I wanted to try to change the Law. Parliament approved my petition. 

I posted on FB –  If you agree vax information should be allowed on death certificates, would you please sign my petition? I’m  still on my 28th ban on Fake Book for showing clinical research web links and yellow card adverse events. People were telling me they could only share it to 5 people before they were stopped. Within a day people were telling me they could only share it to 3 of their friends in messenger.   It seems someone is trying to block it. 

If only in the interest of intelligent complete data collection, we really need this information on death certificates – ALL DEATH CERTIFICATES.  It’s essential data for analysist to ascertain efficacy. It seems the WHO mandates no vaccine information for all member states while profiting billions from the 50 vaccine patents they have. Thank you again. 

Keep up the sterling good work that you all do 

Kindest regards

Karen Lord

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