Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 July 2021

Mask law and social distancing set to go in England – Johnson Announcement

Boris Johnson says while the government will end the legal obligation on wearing a face covering, guidance will suggest “where you might choose to do so”.

The prime minister gives the example of crowded public transport as somewhere that you may wish to do so.

He says there will be no Covid certificate required to attend events or venues.

Johnson also says there will be a different regime for self-isolation,including different measures for children.

Vallance: We are in the middle of another increase in cases

Sir Patrick Vallance is up.

He says we are in the middle now of another increase in cases, with a doubling time of roughly nine days.

It is mainly among young people, he adds, but is spreading up the age groups. 

“There is no doubt we are facing an increase in case numbers,” he says. 

Hospitalisations are rising too in some places, he says. The vaccine has weakened the link – but not completely broken it.

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