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7 Pressing Questions About LOL DOLLS and Their Answers

L.O.L. Surprise! Color Change dolls are the coolest and cutest new dolls on the toy market. But perhaps you’re wondering what exactly these dolls are and what they do. Stay tuned to get every pressing question you’ve had about L.O.L. dolls answered.

  1. What are LOL Surprise Dolls?

L.O.L. Dolls are adorable and collectible little baby dolls that come packaged inside a surprise toy ball. When you open each ball, you’ll find a load of fun surprises. 

Each ball has different layers containing colorful stickers, mix and match accessories to make your doll stylish, and (the best part!), a brand new doll. 

Each ball is a fun and mysterious surprise, as you never know which doll you’ll get!

  1. Do LOL Surprise balls come in different sizes?

While browsing in-store and online, you’ll notice the surprise balls come in different sizes. That’s because each ball comes with something different. 

The larger light green ball holds a L.O.L. tot or big sister and has 7 layers, while the medium green balls hold lil sister baby dolls and have 5 layers. 

The smallest ball holds charm fizz bath bombs and has 3 layers.

  1. How many LOL surprise dolls are there to collect?

Thus far, more than 250 different L.O.L. dolls have hit the scene. There are usually at least 45 dolls to collect in most L.O.L. Doll series. 

But the L.O.L. universe is always growing bigger. Series 1 had 28 dolls, while Series 2 had 83 combined big and lil sister dolls. 

Of the special edition glitter and surprise series, there is a total of 16 dolls.

  1. What do the dolls do?

LOL dolls are never-ending fun. L.O.L. Surprise! Color Change dolls can even change color. All big sisters (tots) can change color, pee, cry, or even spit, giving the doll a real, life-like quality. 

Your child can also move the L.O.L. Surprise Color Change dolls’ heads, arms, and legs in different positions for optimum fun. You can also dress up each surprise toy in cute and sweet outfits and mix-and-match accessories.

Lil sisters also change color when put in cold water and come with their own stylish set of accessories.

  1. Where can I buy L.O.L. Surprise Color Change Dolls?

You can buy most L.O.L. Suprise dolls at all major retailers and online on Amazon. 

Before you drive out to a physical store, check Amazon first to see what your options are. While this may be more expensive, it’s more convenient and you can browse at your leisure.

  1. How are LOL dolls made?

The body of an L.O.L doll is plastic, while the legs and arms are jointed for rotation. The head is made of rubber and can be twisted off.

  1. Are LOL dolls worth it?

Yes! Your little one will love these trendy, cute, and fun dolls and you’ll have peace of mind that the toy is safe and hazard-free.

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