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Mobile Driver’s Licenses Pave the Way for Unified Digital IDs

Under the guise of security and convenience, another scheme is breaking forth that will eventually lead to a national/global digital ID. This may sound like a good thing on the surface, but I believe it is just one more step towards a totalitarian digital gulag. Of course, the “pandemic” is credited for accelerating adoption of digital technologies. How convenient! – Truth Unmuted Editor Jesse Smith

(GovTech) – The COVID-19 pandemic has provided momentum for all things digital and remote. For instance, in health care it led to the rapid adoption of telehealth, which had struggled for years to gain widespread acceptance.

In motor vehicle regulation, the pandemic accelerated what has been a gradual transition to serving customers remotely. “The evolution of mobile driver’s licenses and the recognition of being able to do transactions without exchanging a physical document certainly fits within that,” said Ian Grossman, vice president of member services and public affairs for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). “Being able to empower customers to have a credential that they can use in a transaction where they’re not passing back and forth a physical document has been further accelerated by the pandemic.”

Arizona rolled out its mobile driver’s license (mDL) app in March 2021. Eric Jorgensen, director of Arizona’s Department of Transportation, is leading his state’s nascent mDL initiative. He wants to make clear, however, that the state has its sights set on something much bigger.

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