Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 4 July 2021

Devi Sridhar lies to the public again by claiming “not a single child has died due to the Covid-19 vaccine”

Devi Sridhar, the qualified nutritionist who is masquerading as a public health expert on all things Covid-19, is currently on a mission to convince the wider public that giving children the experimental Covid vaccine is the right thing to do.

Just a few weeks ago we told you how a BBC Newsround video featuring Devi Sridhar was being broadcast to your children in schools, in which Devi appeared to tell children how safe and effective the Pfizer vaccine is and how important it is that they have the vaccine.

We also added all the relevant information that Devi and the BBC chose to leave out, so that you as a parent could make a properly informed decision on whether or not to allow your child to have the Pfizer Covid vaccine, as well as make you aware of how the BBC and Schools are attempting to indoctrinate and condition your children.

Unfortunately Devi still hasn’t learnt how to tell the truth and again lied to the general public in an appearance on Channel 4 News on the 29th June.

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