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Why Are “Conspiracy Theorists” Worried About an Impending Power Grid Failure?

On the eve of the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon simulation of a cyberhack, a number of independent journalists and their supporters are warning of a potential power grid failure. Is there reason to be concerned?

In recent months various independent media outlets and journalists have been sounding the alarms, warning their followers of the potential for a power grid failure as the result of a cyber attack. These sentiments are echoed by mainstream pundits, think tanks, and U.S. government officials who also warn that a devastating attack on America’s electric grid or food distribution systems is waiting on the horizon.

However, the major difference between these warnings is the belief that a cyber attack on America’s infrastructure will not come from foreign actors – such as the oft-cited “Russian hackers” – but from the actual individuals warning about threats of cyber terrorism. This “alternative” crowd believes that a cyber attack aimed at taking down the grid will be a sort of “false flag” operation designed to accelerate a push towards a digital dystopia under the guise of “The Great Reset” (more on that in a moment) and the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

The merits of these claims and concerns have largely been ignored, scorned, or dismissed as paranoid conspiracy theory that only low IQ mouth-breathers would dare entertain. This article is an attempt to take an honest look at the concerns, so as to either stifle public hysteria or warn of a genuine threat.

The World Economic Forum & the Cyber Polygon Exercise

The warnings about cyber attacks are now beginning to seem prescient in the face of recent hacks of various international companies and government services. These include the alleged hacking of the Colonial Pipeline which temporarily resulted in higher gas prices; a ransomware attack on Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE); the attack on JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier and a partner of the World Economic Forum; and most recently, hacks on New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority which are being blamed on Chinese hackers.

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