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Treat Yourself: 7 Wonderful Benefits of Getting a Therapeutic Massage

Given the high levels of stress we face every day, getting a therapeutic massage can be a pampering treat. Therapeutic massage is a combination of relaxation and remedial massage that helps relax the body and relieves various health problems, from physical pain to stress and anxiety. 

People getting massages regularly, as part of their healthcare regimen, do not only enjoy a relaxing hour or two but also reap amazing health benefits through the days and weeks after the session. Whether you are an athlete or a stressed-out employee, receiving a regular therapeutic massage can keep your physical and mental health in good condition. Here are the following benefits it offers:

  • Enhance Blood CirculationProper blood circulation is an important bodily function as it transports oxygen and nutrients to all cells in our body. Poor circulation can result in fatigue and body pains. Massage therapy helps facilitate better circulation, which encourages blood to healthily flow and remove the buildup of lactic acid in sore muscles. Nutrient-rich blood aids in releasing toxins from the cells. 
  • Alleviates Stress and Anxiety – Busyness may seem like a badge of honour, but it can greatly impact our mental health. Daily household chores, work deadlines, and family obligations can increase our level of stress and anxiety. However, getting regular massages can help release tension and relax the body. Mentally, it helps tame our fight-or-flight response and induce calmness. 
  • Improves Sleep Quality – Stress and anxiety can lead to sleep disturbances. If you want to enjoy a restful sleep every night, why not consider adding massages into your health and wellness routine? 

In addition to buying the right mattress from a store in Oakville, or any near you, several studies show that therapeutic massage can help catch some Zzzzs faster and stay asleep longer, especially for people with insomnia. 

  • Heals Injuries – People suffering from chronic injury or joint pain have soft-tissue restrictions, which trigger knots or pain points. Over time, the soft-tissue restriction can cause more serious problems, such as joint decay or ligament problems. 

A regular massage can help treat the problem by increasing blood circulation. However, make sure that the massage therapist is licensed and has extensive experience with injured patients. 

  • Boosts Immune Functions – Got a cold or other minor illness? Various studies have shown that booking a massage regularly can effectively boost the number of lymphocytes in the blood to help the body fight off viruses that cause health problems and reduce markers of diseases, including cortisol and inflammation.

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  • Eases Body Pain and Discomfort – The healing touch of a professional massage therapist can help relieve aches and pains. Even some medical doctors and physiotherapists in Mississauga, or from any city, recommend therapeutic massage and yoga relaxation to patients struggling with painful conditions as support to their treatment. 

Massage therapy helps relax sores by increasing blood flow throughout the body, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas. Massage therapists are trained to locate the source of pain and work from there to release tension and ease soreness. Massaging the injured body part also helps slow inflammatory cytokines to alleviate pain. 

  • Counteracts Effects of Prolonged Sitting – Many people spend long hours sitting and doing office work. Prolonged sitting can lead to some kind of postural stress, which often manifests in the neck and shoulders. 

Desk workers are more prone to advanced forms of postural stress that cause pain and weakness in the lower back and glutes. Luckily, scheduling a regular massage session can help counteract the effects caused by prolonged sitting.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should book a regular session with your favourite massage therapist. Getting a regular therapeutic massage appointment once or twice a month proves to be an effective dose of prevention therapy to cope with the stress brought about by our busy lives.

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