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UGears Wooden Model Kits: let’s have fun!

Do you like constructors or conundrums? UGears puzzles combine them both. Every UGears wooden model kit is an example of unique moving models made from natural materials. These very special wooden puzzles are made in Europe from sustainably grown wood. All 3d wooden puzzles for adults are assembled from laser-cut components, and everything comes ready to assemble. UGears 3d puzzles have mechanical functions or are self-propelled. There are over 90 models in the product range. Each UGears model, such as Hurdy Gurdy, Research Ship, Carousel, Treasure Box, remains an exciting project from the construction phase to the result. All UGears wooden model kits for adults are based on mechanical models where every detail corresponds to reality. The models are aimed at hobbyists aged 15 and over and sure to have many adult fans. It may be a little difficult for younger children to assemble them, but with a little help from elders, it should be fine.


Each set of 3d puzzles for adults has all the components needed for assembly. Comprehensive 3D instructions are included. Each UGears mechanical puzzle comes with all the tools you need to assemble it, such as woodworking tools, sandpaper, and rubber bands. If you have difficulty fitting a detail into a particular slot or the detail is too big, sand that detail a little with sandpaper. Use the wood rocket-like tool to pluck small parts out of the wooden panel without damaging them. Each plate with details has a number to make it easier to assemble. It is recommended to keep all the plates and not put them aside. This makes navigation and assembly easier. If you need special instructions or an assembly video, they are in the detailed overview on the website for each model.

UGears mechanical models safety instructions:

  • Model kits contain small parts
  • Not suitable for persons under 14
  • Should be protected from moisture.

Additional Parts

Each kit contains a certain number of spare units. In specific cases, additional units may be requested on the UGears website. They may be sent to you complimentary. Special requirements may occur.

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