Posted by Gilad Atzmon Posted on 2 July 2021

Hot Off the Press: Vaccines rejected by Palestinian Authority may end up in the UK

Ten Days  ago the The Palestinian Authority rejected 90,000 vaccine doses from Israel because they were ‘almost expired.’ Earlier that day, Israel announced that it would transfer up to 1.4 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine to the Palestinian territory. But almost as soon as the first 90,000 doses arrived to Ramallah, the PA said it would send them back as they were about to become dated.

But Israel didn’t give up. It may have found an easier customer for its nearly expired vaccines.

The Israeli News 12 revealed today that an  “advanced negotiation  between Israel and the UK on a vaccine exchange deal” is taking place.

The N12 news item reveals that “the (Israeli) Ministry of Health fears the loss of hundreds of thousands of doses has devised a creative solution. Britain may receive a million vaccines as early as next week, and in return – will deliver to Israel the next shipment it receives from Pfizer in September.”  The Israeli news item also points out that the Israeli Pfizer doses will expire as soon as next Saturday.

If you wonder why Israel is in such a panic situation regarding its left over vaccines,  the following graph of Israeli vaccine distribution may provide the answer.

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 03.57.44.png

The graph reveals that since late March Israelis have lost interest in vaccination. About 40% of the Israelis are not vaccinated and do not show any signs of enthusiasm about inoculation. The graph also reveals that a solid 4% of the Israelis who took the first Pfizer dose were reluctant to take the second one. This may be due to the Israeli growing awareness of severe adverse reactions to the vaccines as well as the intense work of brave Israeli dissenters.  

One may wonder, however,  who in the British government is negotiating this kind of a ‘deal’ and who exactly in the  NHS is going to   vaccinate Brits with doses that were rejected by the Palestinian authority due to their expiration date.

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