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Popular nail polish colours for summer 2021

When it comes to colour, summer is the perfect time for experimentation and colourfulness. The sun shines brightly, and every little detail brings out the best in you. A beautiful manicure with vivid nail polish will be another reason for you to rejoice this season! The main thing is to choose a trendy yet beautiful shade that will accentuate your personality and style preferences.

What nail polishes are worth choosing?

Every year, the palette of on-trend colours for makeup, clothes and manicures changes. It helps create the needed variety and focuses on people with different likes and types of looks. Professionals offer several options of fashionable nail polishes shades at once on purpose.

In this manner, beauty industry experts try to cater to the needs and interests of different categories of people. A person’s personality type, job, hobbies and temperament strongly influence how they choose their wardrobe, accessories and even nail polish. Therefore, in these professionals’ sets, absolutely everyone will find the perfect solution and wow everyone around.

Milk shades

All tones of milky, subtle pink and beige lighten up the natural tan. They also look elegant, suitable for any event or special occasion. Best suited for a summer holiday at the seaside, for an office job or a girl with a romantic image. Colours like these also look great with cottagecore, fairy dresses or vintage clothing styles. You can find matching shades in Art de Lautrec, Miss Sporty and Bell (the line of nail polishes So French).

Yellow and orange

The bright sunshine is screaming out that summer is the best time of year for bright colours of orange and yellow. Such nail polishes are perfect for business or casual looks. They match many other tones and will be the best accent in your look. For a more daring image, opt for lemon or egg yolk shades. For a classic outfit, a muted orange is best. Ados, Flormar, Namaki and Neess offer rich palettes of yellow and orange nail lacquers.


In continuation of the aesthetics of bright polishes, neon should be mentioned. This manicure trend is still on point for the past few years and applies to various looks. If you are getting ready for a fancy party or want to surprise everyone with your extraordinary personality, this is the best solution. 

A nail colour in the same tone as your clothes, shoes and accessories is sure to leave no one around you unaffected. You can find fantastic options in Oriflame, Max Factor and Joko product lines. They are all very vivid and colourful, which is perfect for the summer trend.


All shades of red are timeless classics, not just for summer, but for any other time of year. Every manufacturer has a cool colour, so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect shade. The only advice is to look for brighter nail polishes. They’ll blend in better with your clothes and accessories, and accentuate your tan.


If you’re after something a little more unconventional yet, understated in your manicure, then try on the silver manicure trend. Silver sparkles, holographic and every conceivable silver-toned finish are the new hit of summer 2021. They don’t catch the eye, but they begin to shine in all hues in sunlight or artificial light. Excellent nail polishes are available from Miss Sporty in the Crush On You range, Lovely and Constance Carroll.

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