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Meet the man who sold his soul to Bill Gates – Dr Tedros Adhanom; from mass sterilisation campaigns to head of the WHO

In a move that is still baffling and exasperating parents around the world, the World Health Organisation rescinded guidance they issued on June 3rd, 2021 that stated children should not get “vaccinated” for Covid-19. According to their original bulletin, which can still be viewed here, the WHO advised that:

Mainstream media intentionally and criminally decided to ignore the discrepancy between WHO’s directive and the continued insistence by medicine regulators and public health professionals throughout the world that children should get jabbed. We told you about the WHO’s guidance on the 22nd June, is it just a coincidence that they then changed that guidance the following day?

All of a sudden, the WHO decided to revive Joseph Stalin as they sanitized their website and scrubbed the guidance that children and adolescents should not have the Covid-19 vaccine. The WHO exposed themselves to be the Machiavellian keepers of the establishment that they have been since their inception.

This is par for the course, the Gates Foundation has always wielded a veto power over institutions they fund; WHO is no different given that the Gates Foundation is their second biggest financial contributor right after the United States of America. A perfectly rational guidance that was most likely broadcast at the urging of public health officials was quashed by higher ups because it did not fit the global “vaccination” agenda that has been championed by Bill and Melinda Gates for two decades.

This outrageous development and Orwellian erasure of a sound advice that should be heeded by all parents is not surprising considering the man who is the Director General of the World Health Organization. Most people have no idea who Dr. Tedros Adhanom is other than the fact that he is originally from Ethiopia; a fact that drew glowing press coverage because his appointment was sold as a sign of progress for the continent of Africa.

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