Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 29 June 2021

Major ‘Covid’ hoax catastrophe architect Chris Whitty confronted in the street again as system and its servers condemn the incident in unison – the tens of thousands who have died and millions of lives destroyed because of Whitty’s lies, deceit and policies don’t get a mention. It is far better to simply make a calm citizens arrest for crimes against humanity. If I ever see him in the street that’s what I’ll be doing and the same with Johnson, Hancock, Vallance, Van-Tam, Zahawi, Michie, et al

This is the shocking moment two young thugs grab Professor Chris Whitty and put him in a headlock as they harass him in a London park.

The Chief Medical Officer looks terrified as the two men seize him round the shoulder and yell into the camera in St James’s Park. The yobs cheer and yell as they tackle the epidemiologist while continuing to film his stunned reaction on Sunday night.

A Metropolitan Police squad van is seen in the background of the footage but it is not clear if any officers were there. The force said it spoke to all those involved in the incident and has launched an investigation.

The attack sparked calls for scientific officers to get the personal protection offered to senior politicians after they were launched into the limelight by the pandemic. It is the second time Prof Whitty has been attack this month after a man harassed him in the street in Oxford and accused him of lying about coronavirus.

England’s chief medical officer was also rounded on by a young thug in February, who uploaded his video to TikTok and was later scolded by his mother. Meanwhile last week an anti-vaxxer protester filmed himself yelling abuse at Jonathan Van-Tam while accusing him of ‘genocide’ and lying to Britons.


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