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Nestlé Wants You to Think It’s a ‘Health and Wellness’ Company — But 70% of Its Products Are Junk Food

Story at-a-glance:

  • Nestlé’s former chief executive called it a “nutrition, health and wellness company.” Yet as the company seeks to be a global leader in food allergy treatments and looks forward to launching a personalized line of vitamins, 70% of their products are junk food.
  • The food industry has a history of confusing consumers, using strong PR campaigns that call “processed food” a misunderstood term, hiding behind the science propaganda of the ILSI and using illegal tactics to achieve their goals.
  • After a boycott and bad press caused the Grocery Manufacturers Association to lose membership, they regained standing in the industry by simply changing their name to Consumer Brands Association in 2020.
  • No matter how much renovating, reconfiguring or reprogramming manufacturers do to junk food ingredients or processing, the products will never be a healthy alternative food source. They are large contributors to obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease and may increase the risk of bone fractures.

In recent decades, the food system has dramatically changed, which in turn has impacted food safety and human health. Company documents from Nestlé, one of the largest food manufacturers, reveal 70% of its products are junk foods. Vegetable oils and changes in how cerealssalads and meats are grown have dramatically altered the overall safety and nutrition of most people’s diets.

Americans spend 57.9% of their food budget on ultra-processed foods, like those produced by Nestlé. This means more than half of what the average person in America eats are foods that can be purchased in a local gas station or convenience store.

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