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The Gates of Hell are Wide Open – Dr Vernon Coleman

There are people who were disappointed and surprised when the lockdown rules were extended and the mask wearing and social distancing regulations stayed in place. They are, presumably, the same naïve and ignorant souls who think all these rules and regulations are temporary and that things will soon revert to the old normal – with concerts, pubs, theatres and sporting events all catering to huge, excited, happy crowds, and the newspapers reporting news instead of providing an unremitting diet of government propaganda. They are the same innocents who think that the mask manufacturers will soon be out of business and we’ll be back to hugging friends in the street before Christmas.

Many months ago I predicted that the lockdowns and so on would never end. It was always predictable because this war is real and it’s not going to end until they have total control and those of us left have no control over anything, not even our lives or our bodies, or we have won and they are in prison.

The mistake people make is to believe what they are told, to assume that what is happening is for their protection and that when things go wrong it is a result of error or incompetence. There have been no mistakes. There has been no bald incompetence. Everything that has happened has been deliberate. Every lie and deceit has had a purpose.

The gullible believe that if they have their jabs then they’ll be allowed to go to the football again. They don’t realise that if Agenda 21 comes to full fruition there will be no football. No sports of any kind. That might not be too bad, of course. I see that the commercial partners of the Football Association in the UK include Coca Cola, Lucozade, Walkers Crisps, Snickers chocolate and McDonald’s. Difficult to think of a more unhealthy diet to promote to kids. Two footballers called Harry kane and Marcus Rashford have personal deals with Coca Cola. Must be difficult to cope financially without having advertising deals. Kane apparently sent a tweet which read: `That indescribable first taste of Coca Cola, similar to the indescribable feeling of scoring a goal’. Rashford supported this. You’d think they’d be embarrassed wouldn’t you? This is the team which takes a moral stance by half kneeling before matches and then protests if some spectators take a different position and object to their stance.

Anyway, that’s all by the by.

The point is that never before have so many people believed so many lies. Aided by an immoral and ruthless media (particularly the BBC where ignorant pseudo-journalists have plumbed new depths in the service of deceit and manipulation) frauds have been devised and perpetuated with ruthless, lethal efficiency. Now we know why the British Government clamped down on people owning guns – it wasn’t to protect the police from robbers but to protect the establishment from angry voters.

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