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Staggeringly uninformed and frankly stupid head of BBC’s Children In Need Wants Children To Receive ‘Covid-19’ Fake ‘Vaccine’ Without Parental Consent

An ex-BBC journalist has stated that all children should receive the Covid-19 vaccine, even without parental consent.

Rosie Millard, a former BBC art correspondent, and current chair of BBC’s charity Children In Need stated in a debate or Good Morning Britain (GMB) that she “can’t wait for all children to get vaccinated.”

Millard, who often takes part in various live debates on TV and radio, said: “I think it’s a public health issue. Children do get Covid, they do suffer. But the fact that children have not been vaccinated at all yet is a massive issue.”

During the debate when the issue of side effects was raised, Millard responded with “There is no evidence that this vaccine, the Pfizer or AstraZeneca, has a detrimental effect.

“We need to return to normalcy. We cannot do that without herd immunity, we cannot do that without everyone being vaccinated. We cannot have a quarter of the population not being vaccinated.”

Rosie has four children, all of which have received the Covid-19 vaccine except for one, to which she exclaimed: “One’s been vaccinated this morning – hurrah!” During the live debate which aired on June 22nd, Rosie was questioned about her stance on vaccine consent, where she stated that she believes that children should be vaccinated even without parental consent.

She said: “When your 14-year-old gets into the front seat of a car, do they ring to say ‘Dad, can I put my seatbelt on?’ Rosie Millard was appointed as the chair of the BBC’s charity Children in Need in 2018, taking the position from Stevie Spring CBE who had chaired the charity for nine years.

Speaking to the BBC about her new role in 2018, Rosie said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be appointed Chair of BBC Children in Need.

“It’s a great privilege to join an organisation that makes such a difference to the lives of so many children and young people across the UK. I’m looking forward to making my own contribution in the years to come. It seems like Rosie is living up to her promise of contributing to the lives of children throughout the UK by seeking to get them all vaccinated without their parent’s knowledge or consent…

The worrying part of all of this is why is the head of a children’s charity advocating for all children to receive an experimental vaccine that has caused over 949,287 adverse reactions ranging from mild to serious, since its rollout in December 2020?Rosie falsely made the claim during her GMB appearance that the Covid-19 vaccines – particularly the Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs – do not cause any detrimental side effects, but she failed to mention that 86% of children an adverse reaction to the Pfizer Covid vaccine in clinical trials.

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