Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 June 2021

Increased Electric Vehicle Charging Could Break California’s Power Grid – the Greens are so far-sighted that sometimes they can see to the end of their nose on the clearest of days

Fuel-based motor vehicles do not affect the electricity grid, but electric vehicles that require frequent charging are now threatening to overwhelm the power grid and there is nothing in sight that can make up the difference.

The war on fossil fuels plus the stampede to “alternative energy” is creating a permanent energy deficit as chargeable devices suck up valuable power resources.

It appears as though California’s plans to become an environmental and socialist utopia are running face first into reality. The latest dose of reality came this week when the state, facing triple digit temperatures, began to “fret” about pressure on the state’s power grid as a result of everybody charging their electric vehicles all at once.

The state’s power grid operators have been telling residents to “relieve pressure” from the grid by charging their EVs at off-peak hours, Newsweek wrote.

Twice last week the California Independent System Operator (ISO) told residents to conserve energy voluntarily, including asking to charge their EVs at certain off-peak times. The ISO also suggested “avoiding use of large appliances and turning off extra lights,” the report says.

The state’s Flex Alert Twitter account posted on June 18: “Now is the perfect time to do a load of laundry. Remember to use major appliances, charge cars and devices before #FlexAlert begins at 6 p.m. today.”

Despite the fact that the state seems hell bent on converting all of its residents to EVs, Patty Monahan, the lead commissioner on transportation at the California Energy Commission, said that when residents choose to charge their vehicles will be important “in keeping the power grid balanced”.

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