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How to Get Organic Sales on Your Amazon Products

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Business in this marketplace is a great opportunity to make big money using the available set of tools for successful promotion and sales. When it comes to organic sales Amazon, the company will provide you with the necessary tools to promote your business (Amazon is easier and faster to get products to the top than in search engines). Organic sales figures are important as they show the growth in revenue from your online store’s core business.

Long-term Results

The organic sales ratio depends on the status of your business. It is very difficult for a beginner to get organic traffic in the commodity business due to the ranking system based on reviews and ratings. One of the tools for increasing sales is connecting ads on Amazon.

To solve emerging problems, you can connect advertising from external sources. This will not only increase your profits but also raise your Amazon rankings and organic sales.

As a rule, a new seller in a competitive niche gets to the 1st page of SERPs only with the help of Amazon Ads. To get stable organic traffic over time, work on content, relevance, and SEO at the same time. Simple optimization will help to promote products to the 1st page of search results of the marketplace, thereby drawing the attention of a potential buyer to your product and increasing customer loyalty. 

Using the SageSeller resource, you can check the Ad Sales, Organic Sales, Ad Orders, Organic Orders, and more for exact products.

Organic Sales Growth Strategies

Any Amazon business owner can grow sales organically through internal strategies such as:

  • new offers of products and services.
  • a marketing campaign for a specific offer to your regular and potential customers. Have you ever looked at promo codes and coupons as a way to generate profits quickly? They have a great effect on conversions. The main thing is to plan your budget in such a way that you can afford to give discounts. The method works especially effectively on the eve of the holidays when users are looking for gifts for their loved ones. Offer discounts, gifts, arrange sweepstakes.
  • optimization of business processes, which can include increasing efficiency through a change in corporate culture.
  • a new sales strategy with percentages or bonuses for customers who have achieved a certain sales target.
  • redistribution of resources associated with goods in high demand.
  • special promotions and gifts. You may not be able to earn a lot on stock items, but this sudden spike in sales can boost your Best Seller rating. Offer a big discount but only for a few hours. Be sure to announce the promotion on the website, and when it starts, set a timer. Let visitors see how much time is left and how many people have already taken advantage of the offer.

As a result of this implemented method, your product will rise higher in the list in various Amazon categories. The same goes for the keywords you targeted, bringing you new customers, but now, it will be organic sales.

Listing Optimization

Thanks to the increased number of clicks on your product pages, as well as sales and turnover, you will have an increase in the Best-Seller Rank, the growth of which leads to an increase in organic sales on the marketplace. By driving traffic from other sources, you increase the ranking of your product and get organic sales as a bonus. Thanks to SageSeller services, you can monitor all metrics and details in Profit Dashboard and Products Dashboard.

A vast majority of people who shop online (89%) use search engines to make a purchasing decision. In other words, your potential customers use different search engines when researching and deciding on the products you are selling. This is why it is very important to target organic traffic and also use SEO to promote your business.

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