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UEFA Refuses to Light Up Football Stadium in LGBT Colors to Chide Hungary

UEFA has refused a request by the city of Munich to light up the Allianz Arena in LGBT rainbow colors after authorities insisted it would be a way to oppose Hungary’s new law which forbids promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism to children.

As we highlighted last week, the new law bans showing children under the age of 18 being shown material related to homosexuality or transgenderism in education, on television, movies or in advertisements.

The bill was passed by the Hungarian parliament partly as a way of ensuring that children are not exposed to any information that encourages them to attempt to change their gender.

This infuriated authorities in Munich, and with Germany set to face Hungary in Euro 2020 tomorrow, Mayor Dieter Reiter attempted to have the whole stadium lit up with rainbow colors.

However, European football’s governing body refused the request, releasing a statement which said, “UEFA is a politically and religiously neutral organisation.”

“Given the political context of this request – a message aimed at a decision taken by the Hungarian national parliament – UEFA must refuse,” said the statement.

Reiter reacted with fury, asserting, “I find it shameful that UEFA forbids us to send a sign for cosmopolitanism, tolerance, respect and solidarity with the people of the LGBTIQ community.”

Key locations throughout the city will now be lit up with rainbow colors instead.

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