Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 June 2021

Amazon Show Plot Featured FAKE Virus and Global Vaccine Programme to Sterilize World Population

An Amazon series released at the height of the COVID pandemic revolved around a plot where a virus is deliberately released and then a vaccine offered to a terrified public as a form of population control.

Utopia is a remake of the UK Channel 4 series originally released in 2013 and stars Jessica Rothe, Rainn Wilson, and John Cusack.

Alex Jones breaks down the significance of the 2020 Amazon series ‘Utiopia.’ The series, that finished shooting long before Covid-19 hysteria, involves a mad scientist who creates a fake pandemic and offers a vaccine “cure” that is actually a sterilizing bioweapon. This is real-time predictive programming! 

The plot centers on a group of comic book fans who discover an unpublished manuscript for a graphic novel which turns out to be a real life plot to fake a global pandemic in order to thin the earth’s population.

People are killed or poisoned to convince them that the virus is real before a traumatized population is convinced to take a vaccine which sterilizes the vast majority of them, lowering the planet’s population to just 500 million people total in a single generation.

The comic book fans are hunted down by a shadowy deep state organization after attempting to expose the conspiracy.

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