Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 June 2021

UK ‘vaccine regulator’ MHRA is responsible for the death and maiming of untold ‘vaccine’ victims by telling people the killer ‘vaccines’ are safe and now they are planning to do the same to kids. These psychopaths must go to jail for life

The MHRA recently decided the Pfizer vaccine was proven to be safe and effective for use in children aged 12 – 15 despite the fact 86% of children taking part in the rushed trial suffered an adverse reaction ranging from mild to extremely serious. The JCVI is now pondering whether to give the green light for it to be administered to children with Matt Hancock and friends prepping the public in the meantime with lies and propaganda to ensure uptake is high among children once the JCVI give the inevitable green light.

You have to wonder why Matt Hancock and friends are so eager to ensure children receive the Covid-19 vaccine considering these eight simple facts –

  • The majority of alleged Covid-19 deaths occurred in people over the age of 85, whilst 3 in every 5 suffered a disability or learning difficulty.
  • The number of children to die OF Covid-19 is zero. The number of children to die WITH Covid-19 is in the teens, and even then, they already had extremely serious underlying conditions which were the real cause of death, they just so happened to test positive with a faulty PCR test twenty-eight days prior to their tragic deaths.
  • Children do not suffer complications due to Covid-19. Authorities have told us they rarely even suffer any symptoms at all. What this really means is they are not sick, they do not have Covid-19, instead what they have is a false-positive test result due to the ridiculous policy brought in to test people who do not have any symptoms of illness.
  • The Covid-19 vaccines have not been proven to stop people catching Covid-19, and they have not been proven to stop people spreading Covid-19. The only thing they’re claimed to do is reduce serious illness if infected with Covid-19, but we still cannot even be sure of this due to the fact the rate of alleged deaths has fallen at the same rate it did last year when there were no miraculous vaccines, have the government and its scientists ever heard of seasonality?
  • Even the results of the short trials are debateable. At no point were any of the participants in trials exposed to the live virus, how could they be? The SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated, instead all scientists have is a computer model of what they believe the virus is. Instead, participants were monitored after going about their day-to-day business and then tested to see if they had contracted Covid-19.
  • For all we know they could have been paid to stay at home under lock and key when we consider the murky history of the big pharmaceutical companies behind these new “vaccines”. For instance, Pfizer has been fined £3.5 billion since the year 2000 for medical and safety offences including false claims and bribery.

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