Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 June 2021

The few can’t control the many if the many won’t have it – Police admit defeat as thousands of Scotland fans take over London’s West End. If only they would do it in Scotland over ‘Covid’ fascism

The Tartan Army’s wild celebrations in central London are set to continue after Scotland held England to a 0-0 draw, after fans spent the day partying in the West End with no social distancing in scenes of drunken revelry.

Before the end of the match police cleared fans out of Leicester Square and sealed off the five entrances to the area, wary of any potential flare-ups between supporters.

Squads of police in fluorescent yellow jackets formed a human barrier to stop any fan from entering, while the William Shakespeare statue, which was scaled throughout the day, was also sealed off. More than 50 police officers poured into the area shortly after 9pm to take up position across the five routes into the square.

Leicester Square falls within a dispersal area giving police powers to move people out of the area, and the fans who had remained in Leicester Square didn’t put up any resistance to being ordered to leave.

One police officer said: ‘No fans are being allowed to congregate here for the rest of the night.’ Police earlier admitted they had to ‘flexibly’ manage the huge swathe of fans who took over the English capital.

The stalemate favoured Scotland who were the underdogs going into the highly-anticipated encounter, which leaves them with a slim hope of gaining qualification to the knockout rounds.  Before the game, there was a party atmosphere in Leicester Square as Scotland fans scaled statues, sprayed each other with beer and chanted together.

Fans parted to allow the Three Lions fans walk through – then tossed beer over them as they hurried by and let off blue and white smoke flares chanting ‘I’d hate to be English’ before the game which kicked off at 8pm.

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