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Psychopath Hancock: NHS has a decreased duty of care for anti-vaxxers

Yesterday in Parliament, during the discussion on the bill to push back the June 21st “re-opening”, Conservative MP Liam Fox stood up and asked Health Secretary Matt Hancock:

…of those who are being hospitalised, how many are in the younger age group who were not yet eligible for the vaccine, and how many were above that age? In other words, who were able to get the vaccine and chose not to?

Hancock’s reply is very interesting.

The first part is just a ramble on official statistics which are likely completely meaningless (although, his totally ignored admission that one fifth of current “Covid” hospitalisations were fully vaccinated beforethey entered hospital is potentially intriguing).

The second part is far more revealing – that’s where you spot the sharp end of a potentially very nasty agenda:

I think that there is a material difference between the state’s responsibility to offer the vaccine to all adults…and the duty that we have, when somebody has not been offered the vaccine, is greater than the duty we have when we have offered a vaccine but somebody has chosen not to take it up. And there is a material difference between those two situations.

After an interjection from Andrea Leadsom, Hancock added:

…there is a challenge, should there be an overwhelming demand on the NHS that would impact on others. And of course with a communicable disease, there is an impact on others in terms of spreading the disease so we do have to have an eye to that.

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