Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 16 June 2021

When is enough, enough?

Surprise, surprise: The UK is being held captive once again in “one last heave” in the apparent battle against the Coronavirus. Boris Johnson announced on Monday night that the planned June 21st ‘Freedom Day’ would be delayed by another 4 weeks – being pushed back to July 19th – due to the Indian variant, which is now being called the ‘delta mutation.’

We have seen over the past year with the lockdown, the British public following the “rules” set by the government, WHO, and so-called health experts, being told that we must socially distance, mask up, and stay indoors. Hands, face, space has been plastered all over the news, adverts, and it has become a cultish mantra that no one stops to question – for questioning the science and stepping out of line will leave you vulnerable to verbal assault from the self-titled ‘SS’: The public who have taken it upon themselves to police on behalf of the justice system.

Time and time again, we have watched as the government taunt us with the freedom carrot, dangling it before us, patting us on the head, promising us that if we behave and be good, we can sit in slightly larger bubbles and eat indoors once again. Only for our leaders to shove us back into our cage and tell us it’s in our best interests that we wait a little bit longer before we can go into non-essential shops again.

Of course, this is all entirely backed up by science, science touted by the likes of Dr Hillary who sits pride of place on Good Morning Britain, and guidance from overseas with Dr Anthony Fauci, whose emails show that his funding of gain of function experiments was merely just a coincidence…right?

If it’s not mainstream science backed by the science gods then it is false: We have seen so many scientists and doctors speak out against the restrictions forced onto the masses, only to be ridiculed and dismissed, their reputation torn to shreds by the media.

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